Rules for Good Hair Care

As the old saying goes "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". In some cases, the difference between properly taking care of your hair and not doing so may be the difference between so normal hair or manageable thinning hair and slightly baldness. People who are losing their hair are the ones who benefit the most from learning and applying good habits for hair care, and conversely are hurt the most by not applying them. Unless you are totally bald you can still benefits from properly taking are totally bald you can still benefit from properly taking care of your hair. Experts on hair loss suggest the following rules to best preserve your hair.

  • Sparingly use chemical treatments on your hair! Chemical treatments like dyes, tints, bleaches, hair strengtheners, and permanent waves when used excessively or improperly can cause hair to become weak and brittle and eventually to fall out. The rule of the thumb with these chemical treatments is to use them as little as possible, and avoid them altogether if need be.
  • Use gentle shampoos to cleanse your hair! Gentle shampoos, clean the surface of your scalp, which tend to accumulate oily secretions from your skin. Many experts believe that the oils that accumulate on your scalp below your hair are one of the main agents that contribute to abnormal hair loss, because they contain large amounts of male hormones. If you have dry or brittle hair, shampoo less often. Conversely, if you have oily hair clean your hair daily using gentle shampoos.
  • Use a cream rinse or conditioner makes your hair more manageable and protects it from the shock of combing it and drying it. When hair is wet it is more fragile and can more easily be pulled out with combing and drying.
  • Be gentle in drying your hair! Fast drying of your hair makes your hair more brittle. It is best to let your hair dry naturally. If you have to dry your hair either gently pat it with a towel or use a hair dryer at a low temperature at least six inches from your hair.
  • Avoid unnecessarily pulling your hair! Any action that pulls the hair causes more hair loss, especially at the side of your head. Things to avoid include:
    • Hairstyles, like ponytails or braids, which pull at the hair
    • Combing with fine-tooth combs or stiff nylon brushes, especially if you have curly hair
    • Combing excessively (the old rule of 100 strokes a day is poor advice)
  • Don't expose your hair to the elements! Exposing your hair to sun or rain can be damaging to your hair. The sun tends to dry and bleach your hair and has the same negative affect as chemically treating and blow drying your hair. Rainwater contains many chemicals from air. Some of these chemicals with regular exposure to your hair may damage it. The rule, whether rain or shine is to cover your hair.
  • Don't expose your hair while swimming! Great damage can be done to your hair if you expose it too often to chemically treated water in swimming pools. While swimming always wear a cap as chlorine will damage hair in the long term. In addition, copper in the swimming pool water can cause hair to develop a greenish tinge.