Know Your Hair Loss

Normal Hair Loss

Normally, each person will have around 100,000hairs on his or her scalp at any given time. Some of these hairs routinely take a rest from growing every few years andeventually fall out. These same hairs re-grow from their roots.As a result, the average person can expect to shed 50 to 100 hairs everyday. However, this type of normal hair loss should be spread out over the whole head and should not result in any balding or excessive thinning of hair on any particular
part of the scalp.

Abnormal Hairloss

Abnormal hair loss is the falling out of excessive hair that leads to unusual thinning or balding at specific spots on the head, which is probably the type of hair loss you are experiencing. Medical professionals call abnormal hair loss alopecia.

Alopecia can be caused by many factors but the most common factor is your own genes, meaning that you inherit the tendency to lose your hair. This type of alopecia affects over 95 per cent of all cases of balding or thinning hair for both men and women. This type of genetic hair loss is given many names, including “male pattern baldness” or “female pattern baldness” because of the consistent pattern that the hair loss tends to follow in both men and women. Its
medical term is “androgenic alopecia” because it is believed that hereditary hair loss is associated with changes in the amount and activity of male hormones called “androgens”. I will be referring to this type of hair loss as “genetic hair loss” because it is the easiest to remember and because it does not suggest that it only applies to one sex or the other. It is important to remember that your hair loss may be the result of a combination of factors. Other factors may speed up or increase your hereditary balding. Keep this in mind because it is a major error that many people make when determining their own type of hair loss and responding
to it. That being said, since hereditary balding is the most common type of hair loss, I will be discussing it first, followed by a brief discussion of the other types of abnormal hair loss.

Genetic Hairloss

Genetic hair loss affects almost 50 per cent of all males and almost 40 per cent of all females as they age. This means that if people lived long enough, almost half of the population would show significant hair thinning or balding. Some ethnicities are more affected than others are. People with European origins show more hereditary tendency to hair loss than other ethnicities,
though other groups are affected to a degree as well.