Mission & Vision

The International Academy of Hair Transplant Surgery (IAHTS) is an international institution formed by the worlds leading doctors and surgeons all contributing to the advancement of the field of hair transplantation.  The IAHTS is the leading representative of selected doctors who have demonstrated a level of excellence in line with our benchmarks on integrity, service, quality, training, and consistency in results.

Our goal at the IAHTS is to agglomerate the knowledge and contributions of our leading physician members. In doing so we can provide the world’s richest resource for patients, doctors, and students dedicated to the specialised field of hair transplantation.

Our commitment at the IAHTS is dedicated to supporting the future of the hair restoration industry.  The IAHT is delighted to be able to welcome medical students to join our fellowship and graduate programmes which provide a vast library of resources, contacts and up to date medical research papers and trials.