By Laws & Ethics Code of Conduct

By Laws

IAHTS Statute

CHAPTER 1 General Provisions

Article 1

The name of this Academy is International Academy of Hair Transplant Surgery, hereinafter called the IAHTS, an international professional institution constituted by surgeons specialised in cosmetic hair restoration practice.

CHAPTER 2 Purpose and Scope

Article 2

The purpose of the IAHTS is to elevate performance and quality control standards in the field of hair transplantation.  The IAHTS is to provide a regulated worldwide network, where both practitioners and potential patients can interact and create a close relationship and sense of community. The IAHTS has been established to ensure the latest up to date information and best practice techniques are available to professional practitioners and new graduates wishing to improve their clinic practice.  Knowledge of innovative techniques, procedures, equipment, customer care, and best practice operational management will all be available to IAHTS members. Scope of the IAHTS is also to introduce new graduates to the Hair Transplant industry providing thorough theoretical and practical knowledge of the field.

Article 3

In order to achieve the purpose described in Article 2, the IAHTS shall

  • Establish a membership enrolment scheme to be assessed by the Academic Board to ensure only medical professionals and graduates take part in the IAHTS activities
  • Organise workshops, meetings, international conventions and training programmes
  • Issue publications (on-line and on paper) such as newsletters, journals, and world directories
  • Create a linkage between doctors and potential patients through its international web portal

Chapter 3 Membership and Fees

Article 4

Members of IAHTS shall be subject to prior Academic Board assessment for membership request approval. Minimum prerequisites to be eligible for membership are as follows:

  • A person joining the IAHTS shall hold a valid medical degree
  • A person joining the IAHTS shall hold a valid medical license for practitioners
  • A person joining the IAHTS shall respect fee payment plans

IAHTS Membership has duration of 12 months from date of approval.
Two types of membership are available:

  • Medical Doctor Membership:
  • Membership dedicated to medical doctors who will undergo assessment by the IAHTS Board. Medical IAHTS members will take active part in the Hair Transplant Industry advance in terms of research and new techniques. Members will be subject to constant assessment and control by the IAHTS Board to ensure professionalism and reliability of information provided as stated in Article 19.
  • Student Membership:
  • Membership dedicated to medical students wishing to acquire knowledge and source of information for study purposes. Student membership holders will be allowed to interact with professional members, but may not in any case interact with patients, therefore will have limited privileges and may not be eligible to neither receive nor send messages.
Article 5

Fees for membership are set on a yearly basis for an amount of USD 750.00 for Doctor Membership and USD 250.00 for Student Membership. Fees are to be paid through bank transfer, on-line payment, or credit card. Membership is subject to renewal by request to be submitted to the IAHTS through corporate website (refer to appropriate website section) , e-mail at, or written request to the following address: IATS XXXXXXXXXXXX Dubai UAE.

Article 6

The IAHTS holds conferences and training courses subject to fees as follows:

  • Vitruvian Design: 2 day course. Training course available solely to FUE practitioners
  • Fee: USD 7,500.00
  • Mini FUE: 2 day course. Training course available to any medial doctor
  • Fees: USD 12,500.00
  • Full Vitruvian: 5 or 10 day course. Training Course available to FUE practitioners
  • Fees for 5 day training:   USD 17,500.00
  • Fees for 10 day training: USD 30,000.00
  • Fellowship Programme: 1 year training. Training programme available to new graduates.
  • Fees are provided upon request
  • Practice Certificate Programme: Programme designed for member professionals who have shown excellence in any of the IAHTS training scheme and are issued upon request following to evaluation of practice techniques and premises by the IAHTS Board and regularly assessed. Any certified clinic that fails to comply with set requirements at any time shall be immediately excluded by the IAHTS Certification Programme and sactioned as stated in article 19.
  • Fees are provided upon request      

Chapter 4 Executives and Staff

Article 7

Executives shall be placed at the Academy as follows:

  • 5 Directors:

i.    1 Dean
ii.   2 Vice-Presidents
iii.  2 Permanent Directors

  • 5 Executive Staff members:       

  i.   3 webmasters/forum moderators   
ii.  1 executive director
iii. 1 academy secretary   
iv. 1 accountant

Article 8

Directors shall be in charge of the following assignments:

  • Medical Board: in charge of IAHTS decision making, member selection, assessment of the application to the IAHTS schemes, courses and examinations, issue of certificates, moderate the IAHTS online forum, research and education, evaluate topics for conference, newsletters and scientific updates, or other related to medical issues.

Executive Staff members shall be in charge of the following assignments:

  • General Affairs: in charge of general meetings, the board of directors, revision and modification of the Statute and general rules, enrollment and withdrawal of members
  • Financial Affairs: in charge of the care of books and accounts, payments, or other related to accounts
  • International Affairs: in charge of organising conferences, manage sponsorship programmes, international relations, acceptance of application requests, member recruitment, or other related to worldwide affairs.

Article 9
  • Dean shall be responsible for the superintendence of the IAHTS and will represent it.
  • Dean shall preside over the Medical Board and every operation and activity of the IAHTS.

Chapter 5 General Meetings

Article 10
Ordinary IAHTS conference will be held twice a year in various locations where all international members are welcome to attend. Dates and locations of events held will be notified to members on the IAHTS website, newsletters and email. Attendance to these events is advisable to obtain the maximum advantages from the IAHTS membership scheme.
Topics and issues to be discussed will be supervised and developed by the Dean.
Fees for general meetings may vary depending on location and shall be applied and decided accordingly.

Chapter 6 Other Provisions

Article 11
Fiscal year of the IAHTS starts in January and ends in December every year. Any expenses incurred in the administration shall be provided by membership fees, schemes fees, sponsorships, and other assets.

Chapter 7 Legal Statements

Article 12

Cancellation Policy

Shall a member decide to withdraw membership at any time, may not be eligible for refund of any sort concerning fees already paid. Cancellation by applicant/member of application for any of the schemes provided by the IAHTS being submitted, approved, and paid for, may not in any case be refunded.
Same policy applies for conferences, courses, and any activity held by the IAHTS that requires any sort of payment.

Article 13

Privacy Policy

The International Academy of Hair Transplant Surgery respects the privacy of its members and other visitors of the web site. Most data the IAHTS collect are used only to help IAHTS to better serve its customers. It is our general policy to collect and store only personal information that our customers and visitors knowingly provide. By visiting the you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Notice.

Article 14

Credit Card Information.

IAHTS does not disclose credit card information provided by its members. When members choose to pay using their credit cards, IAHTS submits the information needed to obtain payment to the appropriate clearinghouse. After payment is obtained the IAHTS automatically deletes credit card data, for this reason credit card payment requires details input any time a service that requires payment is requested.

Article 15

Disclosure to third Parties

IAHTS member's data is knowingly provided on the Website and the IAHTS World Directory for advertising and information purposes, these include sending of newsletter, events update and contact detail notification to website users. The IAHTS does not disclose its members' details for any purposes other than strictly related to IAHTS activities.

Article 16

Legal Disclaimer

Members of the IAHTS are independent professionals who undergo a series of schemes aimed at elevating quality in hair transplant techniques, methods and results. The IAHTS has the sole responsibility to provide potential patients a detailed list of physicians listed by Country, State, Region, and City, in order to simplify practitioner searching. Any dispute arising from practitioner misconduct causing damage to patients shall be treated according to the laws applied in the Country the practice has taken place, referring to the appropriate legal forums. The IAHTS may not in case be liable for misconduct, misrepresentation, and/or damage provoked by practitioner. Shall this happen, the IAHTS will apply internal sanctions as stated in Article 19, but may not in any way be considered responsible for members practice.

Article 17

Member Disclosure Clause

Members are granted access to a restricted area on the IAHTS website where practitioners interact and obtain reserved scientific information and update. Members are given personal restricted area access username and password which shall not be disclosed to any other person given the importance of the data treated in this area. Members who disclose personal access data will be disqualified from membership, shall not be eligible for any fee refund, and will be banned to apply for membership with IAHTS at any time. Sanctions apply as stated in Article 19.

Article 18

Renewal Policy

IAHTS schemes are to be renewed annually in order to grant continuity of standards and commitment to these standards by members. Renewal requests are subject to prior review by IAHTS Medical Board.

Renewable schemes:
  • Membership is subject to annual renewal to be submitted to IAHTS Medical Board.
  • IAHTS Certification Programme

The IAHTS Certification Programme undergoes regular and constant evaluation by the IAHTS Board and is bound to membership. Therefore a member holding Certification by the IAHTS who fails to renew it membership or is considered not eligible for renewal, will lose rights and benefits granted by membership.
Fellowship Diplomas are not subject to renewal.

Article 19


Any member found to breach any of the terms and regulations of the IAHTS, will be subject to the following sanctions:

  • Loss of membership and benefits
  • Loss of any fee paid
  • May not apply for membership with IAHTS again

Article 20


Payment to the IAHTS is intended to cover administrative expenses. Payment for IAHTS application to its various schemes may be done through Bank Transfer, Credit Card, On-line.
Payment will be accepted upon application approval by the IAHTS Medical Board and will be processed only after assessment. In case of rejection the IAHTS will keep 20% of the total amount due for processing expense.
There will be no fee refund in any case.

Code of Ethics

This Code of Conduct and Ethics is a set of voluntary principles and guidelines that each IAHTS certified member agrees to adopt for the exercise of judgment, self-restraint and conscience.

1. The IAHTS certified member shall uphold the Code of Ethics and mission of the International Academy of Hair Transplant Academy.

2. The IAHTS certified member shall conduct professional activities with honesty, integrity, respect and fairness in a manner that will reflect well upon the profession.

3. The IAHTS certified member shall respect the confidential nature of the client's information, and will use proprietary client information only with the client's permission.

4. The IAHTS certified member shall maintain an objective manner to promote and encourage the highest level of conduct and ethics within their respective place of work.