About Us

The International Academy of Hair Transplant Surgery (IAHTS) is a professional institution founded Dr. Antonio Armani to elevate the standards and quality in the field of hair transplantation surgery.  Our goal is to provide a regulated worldwide network, where both practitioners and patients can benefit of the latest hair restoration techniques and hair loss treatments.

Our mission is to ensure the latest up to date information and best practice techniques are available to both patients and clinicians worldwide.
Professional hair transplant practitioners and new entrants into the field wishing to provide their patients the latest technology in hair restoration are invited to join the IAHTS membership program. Our membership program will introduce you to our various programs developed to guarantee you a series of outstanding advantages including innovative techniques in Alvi Armani design, Follicular Unit Extraction process, unique proprietary equipment and surgical tools, marketing, and best practice management. A wealth of information will all be exclusively available to IAHTS members. As a member of the IAHTS community you will be eligible to attend our specialization courses, conferences, and access the IAHTS international web portal to connect with other members and potential patient’s worldwide. 

We invite all patients interested in hair transplantation to explore the relevant information on this site and to join our growing forum. Patients will be able to liaison with IAHTS certified physician members in their region to obtain the best possible services available today. Our list of IAHTS certified practitioners will ensure that your hair transplantation exceeds the IAHTS standards.

For details on IAHTS physician membership please see our membership section and download our Application for Membership.
The IAHTS is a growing body and we welcome your input and support. Please do not hesitate to contact us shall you have any additional enquiries.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Antonio Armani
IAHTS President, CEO & Registrar